Black Redstart

Phoenicurus ochruros (S. G. Gmelin, 1774)

Горихвостка-чернушка | кара кызыл куйрук
© Katherine Hall

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author: Katherine Hall
location: Tash Rabat, Naryn Region.
date: 2021-07-12
equipment: Nikon D7000

2021-07-20. Katherine Hall:

Black Redstart, Common/Eurasian Redstart or White capped Redstart? It doesn't seem to be Güldenstädt's Redstart. Any clue appreciated!!!

2021-07-27. Philippe Campeau:

I would definitely go for a black redstart. White-capped would be unlikely anywhere but the very South of the country (and would have a black band on tail-end), the common redstart is a fairly uncommon passage migrant. The speckle of white on the forehead can be confusing, but does happen to black redstarts, while the extent of black on the chest is distinctive.

2021-07-27. Katherine Hall:

Thanks Philippe, much appreciated! Changed to Black Redstart.

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