Rock Bunting

Emberiza cia (Linnaeus, 1766)

Горная овсянка | тоо сулучу
© Paul Kinnock

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author: Paul Kinnock
location: Issyk-kul Region, KG (42.647,76.7)
date: 2022-06-30
equipment: 5Dmkiii, 70-200mm

2022-07-10. paul k:

hello , am new to the group , can i get an id on this bird please, sorry not good photo, bird was far, only had my 70-200mm lens with me

thank you


2022-07-10. Philippe Campeau:

Dear Paul,
First, welcome to the site! Are you traveling around, or based in Kyrgyzstan?
In these photos, I see a rock bunting. The lack of a black throat (I see hint of pale on photo 2 and 3), the rufous lower breast/belly (not pale) and some streaking on the back eliminate the white-capped bunting.

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