Common Buzzard

Buteo buteo (Linnaeus, 1758)

Канюк | кадимки сары
© Viacheslav Prudskikh

Bishkek city, Chui region


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Анна Ясько: Довольно клювастая славка. Я вот думаю, может певчая Sylvia hortensis?


Philippe Campeau: Dear Paul, First, welcome to the site! Are you traveling around, or based in Kyrgyzstan?In these photos, I see a rock bunting. The lack of a black throat (I see hint of pale on photo 2 and 3), the rufous lower breast/belly (not pale) and some streaking [....]


Philippe Campeau: I did not intend to take photographs, there were done with my phone through my telescope. Amongst the little stints (I counted at least 12), I noticed at least two strange, more orange birds that I think are rufous-necked stints. I observed them for a [....]

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